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Asian Eyelid Surgery- I can see the Pink underneath my upper eyelids (photos)

I had my eyelids done 5 weeks ago, however my eyelashes are still pointing straight up and trapped underneath the fold. I can see a ring of pink under... READ MORE

Crease height too low? Asian double eyelid surgery

I am 3 weeks post op for Asian double eyelid surgery and the crease height now was what my doctor showed me as the final result during our initial... READ MORE

6 month post-op asymmetry - is it worth getting another consultation?

I had my surgery 6 months ago. From post-surgery to this day, my right eye has always felt much bulkier than my left. I had hoped it may improve over... READ MORE

Asian lower blepharoplasty. Is it necessary to consult with a dr who specializes in Asian eyes?

I'm an Asian female 51 who is interested in lower blepharoplasty procedure. I is nescessary to consult with a dr who specializes in Asian eyes? READ MORE

Incisional vs. Partial vs. Non-Incisional Asian Double Eyelid Surgery? (Photo)

Hi, I recently visited one of the most popular plastic surgery centers in Los Angeles for my double eyelid surgery consultation. My consultant... READ MORE

Is this ptosis of left lid, or is right lid over retracted (too high)? No obvious left brow elevation (Photos)

Had incisional asian double lid bleph 30yrs ago. I've been very happy & lived with initial v.minor lid level difference for 2 decades. In last... READ MORE

Asian blepharoplasty Revision - I'd like to have higher creases? Possible?

I had full-incisional blepharoplasty a few months ago but the creases were made too low & are barely visible (they get tucked under). Is it... READ MORE

Is it possible to correct my uneven eyes with surgery? (Photos)

Hello doctor I have been suggested by my doctor to consult a plastic surgeon regarding my uneven eyes !! If I get a surgery done will my eyes be able... READ MORE

What do I look for when finding the right surgeon for an Asian double eyelid surgery?

Hello, I am a 24 yr old asian girl who is looking to get asian double eyelid surgery done in the Toronto area. I have monolids/hooded eyes. I want to... READ MORE

How many consultations should I seek to determine if it's necessary that I get asian blepharoplasty? (photos)

I'm not sure when my eyelids started drooping. I completed a visual field test and was told i had lost 60% of my peripheral vision so i was referred... READ MORE

Caucasian eyes to Asian/Korean eyes? (Photos)

Since I was younger my dream was always to achieve asian eyes. a korean face look. is this possible? I have very deep eyelid... please help I don't... READ MORE

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