Complication + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Mild Ptosis More Complicated to Fix?

I have mild ptosis and I was wondering if mild ptosis is more difficult to correct considering that the chances for overcorrection is higher and since... READ MORE

Will the Puckered Spot on Blepharoplasty Incision Resolve?

I am one week post-op Asian upper blepharoplasty. I know it's too early but one of my incisions has a small puckered spot and next to this is a very... READ MORE

Weird Complication After Surgery - Eyelid Feels "Strain" As if Moving Back into the Socket

All the swelling from my double eyelid surgery is gone, but i think a complication has arisen. It literally feels like whenever I move my eyelids up,... READ MORE

Lowering Double Eyelid Consequences?

I want to lower my double eyelid. it is currently 4mm high when opened. i read about one of the non excisional method that says .. " After the... READ MORE

Asian double eyelid 2nd revision (3rd surgery). Should I do it? I'm afraid

Still considering getting a 2nd revision which if I did would be the 3rd time I get surgery done. 1st revision done because they were assymetric and... READ MORE

What are the chances of complications due to sneezing during recovery?

I'm booked for Asian blepharoplasty in a few months and I've read that you should avoid sneezing as it can cause serious bleeding. I've even read that... READ MORE

What causes this complication of eyelid surgery? Do you think it is the mark of an inexperienced surgeon? (photo)

I had incisional bleph plus ptosis repair. Whose fault was it-- bleph or ptosis? I read the doctors operation report, it had no mention of fat removal... READ MORE

2.5 week post op complications - will it get better with time? (photos)

When I went in to remove my stitches, the surgeon noticed the L crease was not as deep and would form a triple lid with easy manipulation. I underwent... READ MORE

My left eye was re-operated within 7 days from the initial upper eyelid surgery. What are the complications? (photo)

I had upper eyelid surgery last week as I had multiple lines that folded at the bottom and skin would push down my eyes. My Ocuplastic surgeon removed... READ MORE

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