Caucasian + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Can I Change my Caucasian Eyes to Asian Eyes?

I live in hong kong almost my whole life and I have caucasian eyes. Now I was thinking about getting my eyes operated. Is it possible to change my... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make Caucasian Eyes Look Asian? (photo)

Im 1/4 cherokee, 1/4 korean, and 1/2 irish. I look verry Irish but am proud of my korean heratige. I know its possible to make asian eyes look more... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery to Look Asian

I am Caucasian with very small eyes. I have a "double fold" eyelid so I don't think the traditional Asian eye enlargement I've heard... READ MORE

Monolid Creation Surgery?

I personally really like the look of asian eyes, but I have caucasian double lids, and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a surgery to... READ MORE

Caucasian to Asian Makeover.

Round cute face, more narrow jaw (not exaggerated), and an epicentral fold. I would love it if my upper eyelid was a bit more puffier. If possible,... READ MORE

Can Asian Eyelift Surgery Be Done on Caucasian Eyes?

I see doctors that do procedures for asian eye lift surgery specializing on asians. A lot of caucasians have droopy double eyelids that would like to... READ MORE

Can I Change my Caucasoid Eyes to Mongoloid Eyes? (photo)

I'm searching for a surgery to build an (chinese) epicanthic fold on each eye. I've never been contented with my European eyes, though I do get... READ MORE

Can I get Caucasian eyes with double eyelid surgery? (Photo)

I'm a Burmese girl.My eye is a double eyelid type.But I wanna have western double eyelid type.I wonder it's possible for me to get Caucasian's eyes.i... READ MORE

Caucasian man who will be moving to Seoul, South Korea soon. I really want to have surgery to look like the natives (Photo)

Want to get Korean eyes, love them so much, love Korean culture, I currently have saved up $40,000 for the past 7 months any idea where to go? any... READ MORE

Surgery for Caucasian eyes to look "Asian"? (Photo)

I'm a quarter Japanese and recently moved to live with my Japanese family. I'm constantly pestered by family members and other people saying I look... READ MORE

Can Asians get Caucasian-like eyelids through surgery? (photo)

I'm an Asian who wants to get surgery to make my eyelids look like a Caucasian's. But in real life, as to where a lot of Asians receive surgery that... READ MORE

Eye reshaping for Asian eyes to make them more Caucasian? (photos)

My eyes are hideous because they Asian. I've always thought they were too small and they are not wide enough. The inner part of my eye (the corners... READ MORE

Half Asian wants Oriental eyes. Is this possible through surgery? (photos)

Hello I am Akihito, I am half Asian and my eyes look Caucasian and i barely look like my family when i visit them. is there any surgery to modify my... READ MORE

Can I reshape my Asian eyes to make them more symmetrical and Caucasian? (Photo)

My eyes are too small and asian looking. My inner part of my part is too low and not symmetrical. Is it possible to make my eyes bigger and more... READ MORE

Would like to know how to achieve asian eyelid botox injection or operational?

Why is it so wierd to want a surgery too look asian when its not odd for a person to have a surgery to look caucasian im wanting to know how to... READ MORE

Is it possible to make Asian eyes look Caucasian? (Photo)

I have double eye lids but i want my eyes to be wider, have a deeper crease and pop out more (caucasian eyes look like they stick out more from the... READ MORE

Asian upper eyes surgery

Is there any difference as far as technic performed for doing Asian upper eye surgery and regular upper eye surgery ( for Caucasian )? READ MORE

Fascinated by Asian culture. Wanting to know if possible to make Caucasian eyes to look more asian? (Photo)

What type of surgery would benefit , probably need face lift as well, but feel more Asian the Caucasian, not being disrespectful READ MORE

I'm a Caucasian girl and I've always loved Chinese and Korean eyes? (photo)

I was wondering if there's a plastic surgery to make my eyes look more Asian. READ MORE

I desperately want to get surgery to make my caucasion eyes look Asian, can this be done? (Photos)

Ive grown up around asians all my life and find nothing attractive about my caucasion eyes. I know that asian eyelid surgery can add a crease but im... READ MORE

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