Bruising + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Bruising in Eyelid 3 Weeks After Asian Blepharoplasty

I had an asian blepharoplasty done 3 weeks ago. The swelling has gone down dramatically but some blood accumulation (possibly hematoma?) is still... READ MORE

What Could Be Causing Discoloration After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

After Asian double eyelid surgery, it’s been a month since then, both my eyes are purple-blackish discolored. My surgeon says it’s edema... READ MORE

I Just Had the DST Asian Eyelid Procedure 2 Days Ago, Can I Conceal the Bruising Before the 1 Week Mark?

I Just Had the DST Asian Eyelid Procedure 2 Days Ago, Can I Conceal the Bruising Before the 1 Week Mark? READ MORE

Asymmetrical eyelids after revision blepharoplasty. Unsure what's wrong/what to do. (Photo)

I had revision asian blepharoplasty with epicanthoplasty. After the surgery, I experienced mild bleeding of my left eye that lasted 24 hours, and... READ MORE

Dark purple bruises on my eyelid after double eyelid surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Did double eyelid surgery and its day 5 now. There is super dark purple bruises on my eyelid. Im afraid it will be haematoma and how long will it... READ MORE

Dissolvable stitches poking out & chemosis after Asian blepharoplasty and lateral canthoplasty. What can I do? (Photo)

I've got chemosis on my right eye on 3rd day post op. Surgeon doesn't seem concerned and he said it'll resolve. I'm skeptical as I read that chemosis... READ MORE

Should I be worried about how asymmetric my eyes are? (Photo)

It's been about 12 days since my non-incisional blepharoplasty (w/fat removal). The left eye is much more swollen, still bruised, difficult to open... READ MORE

Double eyelid surgery done about 4 days ago still fold(crease) doesn't form/appear is this permanent?

I went to do double eyelid surgery full inclional but he did partial inclional without asking me saying my eyes doesnt have fat but i droppy eyelid by... READ MORE

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