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Options for Enlargement of Asian Eyes

I'm an Asian with really small and narrowed eyes. I want my eyes to look fuller and bigger. I have heard about the double eyelid surgery and I am... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Surgery for Hooded Eyelids?

I am Asian. I have the fold except my eyes are hooded. What procedure should I be looking into? I would like to do some research before I... READ MORE

Is 14 Too Young to Get Double Eyelid Surgery?

I'm a female who's going to be a freshman in highschool soon. I was wondering if I am the appropriate age to get double eyelid surgery.... READ MORE

Brow Lift and Asian Blepharoplasty with Canthoplasty to Improve Eyelids?

Do I need a Brow lift & Canthoplasty (lateral AND medial) with Asian Blepharoplasty? If you take a look at my pictures, you will see that I have a... READ MORE

Pulling on Eyelids

Beacaue I have obssesive compulsive disorder. I'm obsessed witm my eyelids. does always pulling your eyelid really hard can change your eye shape?... READ MORE

What Are the most Common Asian Eyelid Surgery Complications?

Of these complications with Asian eyelid surgery, how often is a follow-up surgery needed later on? How can someone reduce the risk of that... READ MORE

What Are Some of the Effects After Removing an Epicanthal Fold During Asian Eyelid Surgery?

If the epicanthal fold is removed during an Asian eyelid surgery, does it prolong the healing and restrict the use of contact lenses? READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery: Fat Reduction? (photo)

I want to remove the fats from my eyelid without becoming double eyelids,i mean the "typical " double eyelids for asian eyes, i just dont like it. i... READ MORE

How Many Times Can I Have Blepharoplasty Done on my Upper Eyelid?

I'm Asian in my early 30s, I've had 2 blepharoplasty done on my upper eyelid. The first one was non-surgical, but i found the result was too limited,... READ MORE

Best Procedure when Considering Eyelid Surgery for Young Patients ?

I am 19 years old. I am Asian and I have eyelids on both eyes. The only problem I have is that my right eyelid crease is weak.I have an intermittent... READ MORE

I would like my double eyelids to become parallel. Is Incisional or Non-incisional technique better? (photos)

I am a 19 year old Asian who has tapered double eyelids. I would like my double eyelids to become parallel as it makes me look more awake. This is... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Revision Suggestions

Does it look like I have ptosis on my left eye? Is there a procedure that will make my eyes look more narrow/almond shaped. My surgeon placed my... READ MORE

Permanent Discoloration After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery - is This Common?

I have heard that some people experience discolouration of the eyelids after asian double eyelid surgery. Although almost all online sources say that... READ MORE

HELP! Asymmetry After Suture Double Eyelid Surgery. Do I Have Ptosis? When & Can I Reverse This? (photo)

SHOULD I ASK MY SURGEON TO REVERSE THIS? When? I got the suture double eyelid surgery 3 days ago. I had slight asymmetry BEFORE the surgery but my... READ MORE

Still Assymetric 1 Year After Asian Eyelid Surgery - Revision Possible?

I had asian double eyelid surgery performed a year ago. I had it done because they were naturally assymetric but they are still assymetric after the... READ MORE

Can I Change my Caucasoid Eyes to Mongoloid Eyes? (photo)

I'm searching for a surgery to build an (chinese) epicanthic fold on each eye. I've never been contented with my European eyes, though I do get... READ MORE

Is a Brow Lift Ever Recommended with Eyelid Surgery for "Westernizing" Eyes?

For people of Asian descent with very small eyelids, would eyelid surgery alone help "Westernize" the eyes, or would a brow lift be required as well... READ MORE

Possible to Reshape Eye After Double-eyelid Surgery?

I have had double eye-lid surgery before. However, I want to reshape them to how I want it to look like. Is this possible? READ MORE

Will the Stitches from Asian Eyelid Surgery Itch During Recovery?

What kind of medication could be used to prevent rubbing eyes after Asian eyelid surgery? READ MORE

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