Almond Eyes + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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What Technique To Get Almond Shaped Asian Eyes? (photo)

I would like to have almond eyes, but not like the picture you can see below, because those are the almond eyes which a caucasian person can have. I... READ MORE

Can Asian Eyelift Surgery Be Done on Caucasian Eyes?

I see doctors that do procedures for asian eye lift surgery specializing on asians. A lot of caucasians have droopy double eyelids that would like to... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Revision Suggestions

Does it look like I have ptosis on my left eye? Is there a procedure that will make my eyes look more narrow/almond shaped. My surgeon placed my... READ MORE

Correct Overzealous Asian Eyelid Sugery?

My original eyes were almond shaped as a fold of skin overhung my natural lid, creating a monolid look, and this extra skin arched onto the middle... READ MORE

How do I achieve more almond shaped eyes and less round eyes? I'm Asian. (Photo)

I'm Asian. I was born with double eyelids that would disappear when I open my eyes. L I had eyelid surgery in 2013, the method was mini incision and... READ MORE

Mixed Asian-European 20 year old looking to make eyes MORE ASIAN/remove heavy eyelid crease (Photo)

I know this is unusual. I was born in Asia & live with Asian half of my family. But because I'm mixed my looks don't fit my identity. I'm not body... READ MORE

Can I go from round-almond eyes to childish Asian eyes with surgery?

I'm a male, and I hate the way my eyes are looking. It doesn't fit me very well and then I was wondering if there could happen an eye surgery to... READ MORE

Is there any way to make an eye more narrow permanently through procedure? (photos)

A procedure in which it is possible to extend the length of the eyelid to receive the end result of an "almond eye" or more commonly shaped Asian eye.... READ MORE

What type of revision Asian eyelid surgery can make my eyelids symmetrical? (Photo)

I'm a 39 year old female and had my eyelids done more than a year ago. Not happy with this asymmetric result. They used a non incision method and I... READ MORE

How to fix droopy/tired looking eyes? (photos)

I am 21 years old and I have droopy almond Asian eyes. My eyes would look so much better if it were lifted at the corners. What procedures should I go... READ MORE

What surgery would I need to get more almond-shaped eyes (asian)? (photo)

Being Asian, my eyes droop a little bit, showing some gap in the outer corners of my eyes. If I wanted more almond-shaped eyes, what would surgery... READ MORE

My eye shape. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I know I asked this question already however I accidentally left some details out. I'm a 16 year old with very sensitive and easily scarred skin, who... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that would make my eyes almond shaped? (Photo)

I have rather small and round shaped eyes and would like to make them larger/longer/slightly turned up at the corners. Is there a specific procedure... READ MORE

Round eyes to almond/Asian eyes? (Photo)

My family is half Hispanic half Filipino . They have really almond eyes while I have them round. is it possible to get my eyes done but still keeping... READ MORE

My eyes are uneven and I want my eyes to be more rounded on the lower lash line. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am asian and i naturally have double eyelids but theyre asymmetrical and one is more rounder on the bottom then the other. I feel like my eyes are... READ MORE

Can I make my eyes more asian/almond shaped? (photos)

So previously I asked If I could make my eyes a little more narrow by plastic surgery and a lot of doctors said it is possible with... READ MORE

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