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Asymmetrical Eyelids After Blepharoplasty

I think I have asymmetrical eyelids after 8 weeks of upper Blepharoplasty. My right eye crease is a bit higher than the left eye's, and that... READ MORE

How Much Will my Eyelid Surgery Swelling Go Down?

I had eyelid surgery 4 days ago and the swelling is huge. the stitches seem so far up and its really concerning me. About how long does it take for it... READ MORE

Magic Epicanthoplasty Reversal

Hello, I got double eyelid surgery (partial incision) along with medial epi. I regret the ep SO much! I feel like my eyes are TOO close together =( I... READ MORE

Is Asian Blepharoplasty Revision Possible For Higher Crease?

I had double eyelid surgery 8 months ago, however I would like a higher crease now (more platform for make up, etc). Is this possible to achieve?... READ MORE

Blepharoplasty Eyelids Still Look Swollen After 2 Years, Is this Normal? (photo)

I had blepharoplasty in korea... first, the no-cut procedure, then a year later the laser procedure. I loved the shape of my eyelids after the no-cut,... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lower an Eyelid Crease After Incisional Asian Doublelid Surgery?

I got my Asian double eyelid surgery about a month ago. I know incisional method takes a longer time to heal, but I can clearly see an obvious... READ MORE

Excess Fold of Skin Left After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery?

I am about 2.5 weeks post-op from Asian double Eyelid surgery. I have noticed that when I close my eyes, there is a small fold of excess skin at the... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Hollowness After Ptosis Repair

Hi, I am 32 years old Asian female. Apr 2011, I had a surgery to repair ptosis. However, my left upper eyelid became too hollow, stiff and sunken. I... READ MORE

Double Suture Technique (DST) - Permanent?

I got double sutures on my eyelids 10 years ago--but I read everywhere that this procedure is not permanent and it has gotten me worried. Mine has... READ MORE

Possible to Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery?

If the eyelid creases are too high, can it be lowered? The doctor may have taken a lot of skin and fat tissue. Can it be repaired with fat grafting? READ MORE

I really feel like my crease is too big for my eye. Do I Need a Revision? (photo)

Just had asian eye lid surgery on 6/3/13. I know it's too soon to tell but I really feel like my crease is too big for my eye. The crease is right... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Crease Too High and Unnatural? (photo)

Hi, i did a double eyelid surgery on 1 oct 2012. It has been 13 months after the surgery, however the double eyelid crease is still very high and... READ MORE

Crease Too Low After Double Eyelid Surgery and Slight Imbalance, How Can I Fix This?

I've recently undergo Asian double eyelid surgery and I'm 3 weeks post op. However to my surprise I have very little swelling and bruising and... READ MORE

My epicanthoplasty surgery, visible scarring? (photo)

Hi everyone, the purpose of my post is to share my epi/double eyelid experience. As you can see from the first photo,I had a chunk of extra skin. And... READ MORE

Double Eyelid Surgery Swelling? (photo)

It's been about two months since I got my double eyelid surgery. Swelling has gone down but not a lot. My eyes are healing at different rates which is... READ MORE

What Are the most Common Asian Eyelid Surgery Complications?

Of these complications with Asian eyelid surgery, how often is a follow-up surgery needed later on? How can someone reduce the risk of that... READ MORE

Will the Puckered Spot on Blepharoplasty Incision Resolve?

I am one week post-op Asian upper blepharoplasty. I know it's too early but one of my incisions has a small puckered spot and next to this is a very... READ MORE

Does my Epicanthoplasty Look Right? It Doesn't Look Parallel Like I Requested.

I just had a asian eyelid revision along with epicanthoplasty a week ago, but it doesnt look like he did it right. also, i asked for parallel but its... READ MORE

Why are eyes are still swelling after 2 weeks from double eyelid surgery? (photos)

Hi, I had double eyelids surgery 2 weeks ago. The swelling definitely went down since post op day 1 till today, 2 weeks mark. However my eyelids are... READ MORE

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