1 Week Post-op + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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How Much Will my Eyelid Surgery Swelling Go Down?

I had eyelid surgery 4 days ago and the swelling is huge. the stitches seem so far up and its really concerning me. About how long does it take for it... READ MORE

Eyebrow Tattooing After Asian Blepharoplasty

9 days after my asian blepharoplasty, I had my eyebrows tattooed. I only dared to do it cause my swelling and healing were going well. I'm worried... READ MORE

I Can't Close my Right Eye? (photo)

Five days ago i had my double lid surgery. The stitches were removed 3 days after the surgery, but since the first day i can't close my right eye.... READ MORE

Multiple creases after double eyelid surgery? (photo)

I got my stitches out yesterday, so I am 1 week post op. I appreciate it is too early to see final results, but my concern is that my eyelid doesn't... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery?

I had asian eyelid surgery six days ago and the eyelid creases are too high, can it be lowered? Or will they lower on they own soon? Also, its too... READ MORE

Asian Eyelid Blepharoplasty Post-Op 7 days, I'm worried about the crease being too high and unnatural (photos)

The surgeon told me he placed the crease at 9mm, took off 5mm of skin and left 15mm of skin between the eyebrow and the crease. He also said the final... READ MORE

I had double eyelid stitches done 8 days ago. My left eye looks so normal while right eye is half open. Is it alright? (Photo)

I feel the pressing on my right eye. It looks so dull n lifeless. I m beginning to worry n feel so stressed. I know swell is normal but left eye seems... READ MORE

My right eye have double creases and my left eye has a single crease, I feel like the crease is too high

It's been a week since the surgey and I am not sure if my eyes are going to end up this way. Is this something I should worry about? READ MORE

9th day of upper and lower eyelid surgery with obvious stitches. How long will it take for them to subside? (Photo)

I had my upper eyelid revision to remove fat and lower eyelid surgery to rid of the excess skin 8 days ago, I understand the swelling but the stitch... READ MORE

Asian eyelid surgery - eyelid crease too high - will crease size reduce in size by 1/2?

I am 9 days post op after having Asian eyelid surgery, and my eyelid crease size are at least 2 times bigger than what I wanted and what I think looks... READ MORE

I am 1 wk postop upper asian blepharoplasty with my surgeon doing a 5mm incision and would like to possibly have an estimate?

I am 1 wk postop upper asian blepharoplasty with my surgeon doing a 5mm incision and would like to possibly have a rough estimate of how many mm of... READ MORE

Worried that my result will be unnatural due to a overly high crease (Photo)

Had a rev asian eyelid surgery, epi and lateral w/ ptosis correction 6d ago. I know 6d is early, common for the crease height to look unnatural. But I... READ MORE

Is it normal for eyes to look asymmetrical on the 8th day after double eyelid surgery? (Photo)

Hi! I had double eyelid surgery about a week ago. 8th day today. I seem to have an extra fold above the stitches. My eyes look asymmetric. My doctor... READ MORE

Asian blepharoplasty not healing evenly. Will eyes end up matching? (Photo)

I had a blepharoplasty done 5 days ago. My right eye had a nice fold but my left eye had a false fold that was higher than the right. I am worried... READ MORE

Had upper eyelids done, one eye looks 'droopy' - Do I need a revision? (photo)

I had just gotten an asian upper bleph surgery about a week ago and have noticed that the incision crease on my right eye is not as deep as the one on... READ MORE

How long should I wait for double eyelid revision? (Photo)

Hi, I'm 23 years old. I just did my eyelid surgery 1 week ago but I realized that the crease line is not my type at all. It is round tapered shape. I... READ MORE

8 days blepharoplasty and epi. Why is crease not forming on right eye? Is the crease too high? Wanted medium crease (Photo)

I'm very concerned with the right eye, it seems that the doctor over cut the epi. The crease is not folding correctly and eye looks pulled. Also I'm... READ MORE

Left eyelid crease not defined after double eyelid stitching? (Photo)

Today is 6days post op after my double eyelid stitching procedure. Swelling seems to resolve really good but im concern about my left eye which the... READ MORE

I'm 8 days post op and my crease is not tapered or defined. Will it improve? (Photo)

I'm currently 8 days post op and I know it's too early to judge but my concerns are: left eye: less defined crease but tapered and the crease fits the... READ MORE

Dark purple bruises on my eyelid after double eyelid surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

Did double eyelid surgery and its day 5 now. There is super dark purple bruises on my eyelid. Im afraid it will be haematoma and how long will it... READ MORE

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