Take years off your appearance with Intense Pulse Light (I.P.L.) Therapy


So may Aesthetic options so little time (and of course money). Plastic Surgery has many terrific options to keep us looking healthy vital and refreshed. Some of these are completely noninvasive and can take years off your appearance for very little cost. One such option is Intense Pulse Light or what we call IPL therapy. While patients sometimes think of IPL as a type of laser; it’s not a laser but does use light energy to improve the appearance of your skin. True lasers use one specific wave length of energy to do its job. Intense Pulse Light uses a narrow range of wave lengths from the light spectrum for specific purposes.
My IPL system has multiple special energy delivery heads that serve different purposes. Each head or hand piece has a band of wave lengths that are a part of the light spectrum. The device has a red, green, yellow & purple hand piece to deliver different methods of laser or light source to the skin. One head is good for brownish pigment of the skin another for reddish tones another for hair removal as examples. If you have heard the term photofacials; IPL is that type of treatment. What has been shown is that patients who do perhaps five photofacials each year over five or more years have skin that is much brighter, healthier and younger appearing after those five years than it was before they were ever treated. Not only do the color tones improve but the texture, fine lines, wrinkles and general appearance of the skin is improved.
IPL treatments have a nominal cost to our patients and there is no downtime. Photofacials or IPL treatments are great first steps in keeping your skin looking refreshed when blended with quality skin care. 
Article by
Tucson Plastic Surgeon