VIRTUAL BREAST AUGMENTATION: Imagine It in 3D at Stillwater


Are you the type of person who sometimes sneaks a peek at the last page of new novel? Do you always know what’s in those well-wrapped boxes for you under the tree? Are you drawn to movie reviews with blatant spoiler alerts? In short, do you hate surprises?

You’ll be happy to know that there’s an app for that in the world of plastic surgery planning. Dr. Capizzi has been among the first to embrace Crisalix, a new 3-D imaging system. Crisalix is a valuable tool, especially for patients considering breast augmentation surgery. We know you hate surprises, so let us explain how it works:

  • First, in the privacy of Stillwater’s offices, your R.N. will capture digital photographs of you in your current state. These are the “before” pictures.
  • Secondly, a digital image the patient is rendered in 3D within the Crisalix app. The patient’s image in her current state becomes the point of departure for “trying on” different implant types and sizes digitally.
  • Next, with the images as a guide, Dr. Capizzi and patient discuss breast implant surgery objectives at length. (Dr. Capizzi is known for being a good listener!) Rather than merely imagining results, Stillwater enters potential implant types and sizes into the Crisalix app. The virtual results are rendered directly on the patient’s body, as shown below.
As we all know, virtual is not real, but Crisalix is an invaluable guide for Dr. Capizzi’s patients. Dr. Capizzi’s breast augmentation surgery experience is vast. He has performed thousands of surgeries in over 15 years of active practice. You can be assured that Dr. Capizzi is always going to be on the cusp of what’s new. That’s why Stillwater has embraced Crisalix technology. Dr. Capizzi’s expertise, coupled with new 3-D imaging breakthroughs, helps patients make good decisions. 
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Charlotte Plastic Surgeon