How Many Units of Botox or Dysport Do I Need?


This week, we launched a special offer for Botox and Dysport called "Botox for Besties," in which patients can bring in new patients to our office and each person receiving a treatment will be given a great deal on this popular treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. This has sparked a lot of questions to our office about Botox and Dysport. One of the most asked questions is "How many units will I need?" We wanted to expand on this question a little more and educate patients considering Botox in Nashville.

First, what is Botox? Botulinum Toxin is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows and moderate to severe crow’s feet lines in adults.

The number of units needed to achieve your desired look depends on a few different factors:
  • Your aesthetic goals: Typically, you will need less units for a more natural look with more movement and more units for a more "frozen" look with no movement at all.
  • Treatment Area: The area to be injected will help determine the amount of units needed. See the diagram below to get an idea of the number of units needed for each of the most popular injection areas. If you desire correction of more than one area, simply add the number of units for each one.
  • Gender: Typically, men require more units per treatment area than do women in a given injection site due to their larger muscle mass.
  • Muscle Mass/Strength: Some patients have larger and/or stronger muscles in a treatment area. Your injector will adjust your treatment accordingly.
The typical dosages per area are as follows (recommended by ASPS, units are in Botox dosages, Dysport dosage is about double unit amount)

  • Forehead: 15-20 Units for females and 20-30 Units for males
  • Between Eyebrows (Glabellar), often referred to as "1's or 11's": 20-30 Units for females and 30-40 Units for males
  • Crow's Feet: 8-16 Units per eye for females and 12-16 Units per eye for males
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