How to Turn Heads in Shorts and Mini-Skirts


If you’re finding that chunky, dimpled thighs have become the bane of your existence, a thigh lift might just change your life! The need for a thigh lift often arises from the combined effects of aging, fluctuations in weight and gravity. A thigh lift (thighplasty), either inner or outer thigh, can reduce excess skin and fat in the thigh and knee area, leaving you with taught, redefined, slim thighs that will look great in bathing suits, skinny jeans and mini-skirts.

Candidates For Thigh Lifts
Good candidates for thigh lifts are both men and women who have:
• desire for tighter, more attractive thigh and buttock skin with improved contours
• irregularities in thigh skin surface
• loss of skin elasticity of the thigh, hip or buttock areas
• saggy, “orange peel”, flabby and/or dimpled thigh skin
• self-consciousness about your lower body appearance

Types of Thigh Lift
There are several types of thigh lifts.
1. Inner (medial) thigh lift - the most popular type of thigh lift. It is best for people with a moderate amount of skin and fat in this area. For an inner thigh lift, Dr. Bass will lift up the thigh skin and tissue to tighten it.
2. Vertical thigh lift – Dr. Bass will remove skin from the inner thigh. This procedure is for people with a more significant amount fat and loose skin.
3. Outer thigh lift - targets the outer thigh.
4. Combination thigh lift surgery - several types of thigh lifts are performed at the same time and can be combined with other procedures such as a lower body lift, liposuction or buttock lift.

Dr. Bass will determine the type of thigh lifts that is right for you based on:
• Areas to be treated
• How much fat and skin need to be removed
• Preferences
• Skin quality

If you are planning a future pregnancy or anticipate a significant loss of weight, it is probably best to postpone your thigh lift until after these events have occurred to optimize your results.
Following thigh lift surgery, you should find greater access to different clothing styles and feel less self-conscious at the gym, around the pool and at the beach.

Dr. Bass invites you to visit his office for a complimentary consultation to discuss the procedure in greater detail.

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