Tumescent Liposuction


True tumescent liposuction is recognized worldwide as the technique offering the greatest safety, fastest recovery, least pain, and best aesthetic results. The main goal of umescent liposuction is a more pleasing silhouette; it is best used for pockets of fat that are larger than the surrounding areas and resistant to diet and exercise. It should not be confused with traditional liposuction, which is much less precise and uses general anesthetics.

Common areas for tumescent liposuction include the upper and lower abdomen, the flanks (love handles, waist, bra-fat, or hips), outer and inner thighs, inner
knees, arms and back, the neck, ankles, and calves. It can also uncover a jaw line or be used as an alternative to traditional breast reduction surgery. Generally, the skin over the treated areas retracts in the same manner as it would with weight loss. Often skin sags
because of the weight of the fat behind it, but once that fat is removed, the skin is able to retract.
More than 90% of all women who think that they need a “tummy tuck” actually do better with tumescent liposuction. Still, liposuction is neither an appropriate treatment for obesity nor a substitute for a prudent diet, good nutrition, and regular exercise. Obese patients may be good candidates for liposuction if their goal is simply to improve the
shape of limited areas of the body.
During a tumescent procedure, the area in question is filled with a dilute local anesthetic and a bleeding inhibitor. The solution, and with it the surrounding fat, are then carefully suctioned out, using small, straw-like microcannulae an eighth of an inch in diameter. This approach requires only tiny pokes through the skin, avoids the risks of general anesthesia, needs no stitches, and leaves tiny scars. It is much less traumatic for the body than traditional liposuction.
Once removed, the fat cells will never come back. Ideally patients maintain their weight after the procedure, but even if is gained, a more pleasing silhouette remains. Patients are usually delighted with the results of their liposuction.
Article by
Kirkland Dermatologic Surgeon