Treating Warts and Checking Out Skin Spots


Warts: Causes and Treatment
At first you thought it was something in your shoe, but then it dawned on you: that’s a wart! Whether it's on your foot or your finger or some other, less desirable place, it's annoying. And now there's another, and another.

Warts are one of the peskiest problems in dermatology. Caused by a virus, they set up shop in your skin and multiply. They are often hard to eradicate.
The internet has hundreds of treatment options from wart charmers to green beans.  Trust me I have heard some very interesting ideas.  At Dermatology Affiliates we use more traditional medical approaches. We often use multiple methods to irritate the skin and get your immune system involved in the process. We use in-office treatments in conjunction with at home treatments.
It might take a little while, but we'll stick with it until your warts are gone.

Skin Spots: Get them Checked

It's new. Or maybe it's been there a while. You can't recall, but you definitely don't remember it catching your attention before. Maybe it bled, or just seemed darker. Perhaps you have a funny feeling about it. Maybe your mom, or spouse, or friend keeps pointing it out. At first you weren't concerned, but now, you're just not sure.

I'm a big believer in getting that spot checked. Having it checked out may relieve your stress, or the stress of someone you love. It might be a lifesaver, too.
The skin spot may be completely harmless. Great, then you'll sleep better at night. And if it's something worrisome, we can work to manage it in a way that's best for you and for the problem.
People often say, "I'm sorry I wasted your time on nothing," but it's never a waste of my time. Let's check it out!

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