Treat Problem Areas With A Liposculpture Procedure


The weather is getting better. Days are longer and the sun is shining more. People's thoughts turn to being outside in shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Many people find that the indulgences of last winter have caught up with them. Likewise for many people the areas which have always been a problem are getting worse. This is because everyone has areas of genetic or diet resistant fat. As people gain weight and or get older this gets worse, but a liposculpture procedure can help those problem areas.

For 30 years now liposuction has been a solution to the problem of genetic or diet resistant fat. That is because it is impossible to spot reduce with a workout program. And for many people even doing lots of hard workouts doesn't take care of the problem areas so liposuction has been successful in terms of removing fat in these problem areas. However liposuction has advanced over those 30 years. With advanced liposuction or liposculpture in addition to just removing the fat the body is sculpted according to artistic principles.

What does this actually mean? What a person learns in artistic anatomy classes is that the human body has many contours and angles, areas of light and shadow which give definition to the body, both male and female. Traditional liposuction, even when done with newer technologies like ultrasonic or laser gives flat areas without definition. A liposculpture procedure is the process of creating those contours by differential liposuction. What this means is that different amounts of fat are removed in different areas to unveil the various muscles, giving a very pleasing look both in men and women. This requires a knowledge of both regular anatomy and artistic anatomy.

Tools like SmartLipo make the process of a liposculpture procedure easier by making the fat easier to take out. However the machine itself is just a tool. You can hand someone paints and a brush but that doesn't mean they can create a masterpiece. Liposculpture just like painting requires a great deal of training and practice. It is however worth all the extra effort on the surgeon's part, because the results are so superior to traditional liposuction. 
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