Tidbits of Philosophy from my cosmetic surgery practice:


 Don’t despair over your current age – this is the youngest you will ever be.

In ten years, you’ll look back and wonder why you were so worried about your looks since you actually looked pretty good!

No one else is looking at you as critically as you do (except perhaps me if you’ve asked me to!)

We never see ourselves as the rest of the world does. We only see ourselves in a mirror or on a photograph – both two dimensional flattened images.

The 10X mirror is NOT your friend!! Use it only for applying make-up and tweezing a stray hair – and once that is done stop looking!

Beauty, like every other aspect of our lives, requires maintenance. Don’t think of our services as a ‘quick fix,’ but rather as part of a long-term plan.

Mother was right when she said, "Don’t make that face. It’ll stay that way."

Vanity has no correlation to whether or not a person is actually pretty. Some of the vainest people are clearly not pretty, while some of the prettiest don’t see it at all! Go figure.

Seeking our services is not a sign of weakness nor vanity. There comes a day for all of us (myself included) when we catch a reflection or photo that no longer meshes with the mental image we keep in our heads. That creates a dis-harmony that can wear on our psyche and sits like a monkey on our backs. With our services, we can help reality look more like the image you remember and get that monkey off your back.
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Palm Beach Gardens Oculoplastic Surgeon