Why Thermi250 may be the best Tightening Treatment Yet


The before and after photos show it all. For the past two years we helped conduct investigative trials to study the efficacy of Thermi250’s radiofrequency technology for shrinking tissue and body shaping. The safety of the procedure led to FDA clearance in November. Thermi250 may be the best and safest noninvasive skin tightening treatment I’ve seen yet!

I have never seen such impressive results for abdominal skin tightening, including the investigative trials we conducted for Thermage, Accent, and in all of our patient experience with Viora ReLift.

How does it work?
The Thermi250 device applies controlled radiofrequency heat across the skin along with a temperature sensor to safely manage energy delivery and regulate tissue temperature. Maximum reduction of loose skin can be achieved by applying heat within a well-defined range to simultaneously tighten surface tissue, reduce the unwanted fat below, build new collagen and reduce fat cells as well. Together this creates overall slimming and tightening.

What does FDA clearance mean to you, our patients at Key Laser?
This means that you can now make Thermi250 part of your treatment plan. It also means we can individualize your treatment for even more optimal results.
All participants in the Thermi250 trials had to be treated exactly the same – a limit of four sessions, limited size of treatment areas, exact treatment settings and could not be combined with any other treatments. While still impressed by the results, some subjects could have benefitted from a more tailored approach, including more treatments or from combinations of complimenting treatments such as Vanquish, CoolSculpting, or UltraShape. With the FDA’s clearance we can recommend the number of treatments or combinations that will most effectively deliver the desired results. Tummies, thighs, arms...you can choose what's best for you. 
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Portland Dermatologic Surgeon