What is the difference between Hyaluronic Acid, Radiesse and Artefill? How long it can last?


Hyaluronic Acid is easier for filling soft tissue; it’s commonly used for facial wrinkle such as cheeks, cheek bone, lower eyelid and lip. Radiesse can support more strength. It’s used for smile lines, cheek enhancement, scar repair, nose enhancement, and chin enhancement. Hyaluronic Acid and Radiesse can be easily absorbed from the body and have benefits for capable of forming a biochemically stable system. The results are variable, it can last three months to two years, base on age, skin type, lifestyle and muscle tension. If you are fed up with Hyaluronic acid filler and looking for long lasting, time saving product, I suggest new FDA approved product, “ArteFill” for smile lines, results can be seen immediately and can last from 5-20 years.
Article by
Long Island Dermatologist