Getting the Body You Want: Understanding Body-Contouring Treatments


New advances in body contouring surgery now make it easier than ever to get the shape you want. There are also some non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring treatments for patients who qualify. A thorough consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon about the different options is the best way to assure you make the right decision for you…and get the results you want.
What non-invasive body contouring procedures are available? While traditional surgical techniques like tummy tuck and liposuction are still widely utilized, many patients now qualify for non-invasive modalities such as CoolSculpting™. This revolutionary, FDA-approved treatment freezes stubborn fat, usually in one treatment session, which is then naturally eliminated from the body. Looking to lose the “love handles” or get “thigh gap”? The results are permanent and often dramatic. The treatment specifically targets the abdomen (belly,) hips, flank, and inner thighs and the gradual reduction in contours is ongoing with the most noticeable reduction being at approximately the three month mark. The treatment is not painful and is generally well-tolerated. There are no needles, anesthesia, or down-time. Each region requires approximately one hour of treatment, during which you can watch TV, read or even nap.
What minimally-invasive body contouring procedures are available? One of the most popular procedures for those patients with more prominent body contouring needs is advanced power-assisted Liposuction to remove fat from diet-resistant areas of the body and permanently shape attractive contours. Lipo is usually an office-based procedure done in our on-site, fully-accredited surgical suite, with either general anesthesia or awake sedation administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. Liposuction offers rapid recovery and minimal incisions with virtually no scarring.
What traditional surgical body contouring procedures are offered? Many people… including men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight, or women who have gained weight or lost muscle tone due to pregnancy… can benefit from either a mini-or a full- “tummy tuck” to enhance abdominal contours. “Tummy tuck”, or abdominoplasty, is performed under general anesthesia, and not only surgically removes excess skin and fat, but also tightens abdominal muscles distorted by pregnancy or other factors, resulting in a firmer, attractive belly. These procedures are often performed at a discount when done in combination with Liposuction, breast lifts or breast augmentations. New advances allow for smaller incisions, less scarring, and quicker recoveries. We offer the biggest breakthrough in pain-free surgery… new long-acting anesthetic medication that’s placed during surgery to make your first few days of recovery comfortable and virtually painless! Our patients are often back to work in a few days.
Is there anything you can do for men? The plastic surgeries and non-invasive treatments mentioned herein are also widely used by men who want to look their best and want their old confidence back. In addition to CoolSculpting™,Liposuction, and Abdominoplasty, we offer Gynecomastia surgery to men troubled by the appearance of their chest due to enlarged breasts. This confidence-boosting procedure, done under anesthesia, results in normal contours and is virtually scarless. Down-time is minimal as well.

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