The ABCs of Dentistry


It’s so hard to believe that schools are in full swing already…in honor of back-to-school
time, enjoy a "dental" version of the ABCs, and you may even learn a new thing or two along the way as well!

Aesthetic treatment options shouldn't just look good- an experienced cosmetic dentist will make sure they fit the bill in terms of function and feel great, too.
Before and after photos showcase a dentist’s experience, precision, and training.
Catching potential dental issues before they become “big” issues helps patients save time, money, and avoid unnecessary pain.
Digital dental impressions are more comfortable for patients as well as a timesaver for them, and are “goop-free”.
Early trips to the dentist form a great foundation for a lifetime of optimal oral health.
Flouride-free toothpaste is the way to go for brushing your young one’s teeth (until they are able to spit on their own).
Groovy teeth may sound “cool”, but can be very difficult to clean thoroughly, leading to tooth decay—sealants help protect these teeth from cavities.
Healthy eating habits are a great companion to healthy teeth.
Insomnia or constantly waking up throughout the night can be a sign of sleep apnea.
Just like washing your hands without cleaning between your fingers, brushing your teeth without flossing doesn’t get all areas of your pearly whites clean.
Keeping travel-sized floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush in tow (perhaps in the car, at the office, or in a purse or gym bag) makes freshening “on-the-go” a breeze.
Laser therapy is an advanced treatment option to disinfect and decontaminate infected areas in the mouth without pain or discomfort for the patient (using radiation which does not affect DNA). 
Migraine headaches can be treated by experienced dentists with neuromuscular training.
No two mouths or smiles are exactly alike, enabling customized treatment options for each and every patient.
Oral cancer screenings at your active maintenance appointment can be a lifesaver.
Periodontal disease destroys teeth and gums over time if left untreated.
Quick brushing settings are available on many Sonicare electric toothbrushes for those times during the day that you need a quick refresh…just be sure to brush for 2 minutes at least two other times throughout the day!
Regular active maintenance checkups and cleanings help patients stay on track with their dental health.
Silver (amalgam) fillings crack teeth, and can be replaced with tooth-colored, composite resin fillings.
Tooth-colored fillings are a durable, natural-looking treatment option for teeth with cavities and those that are chipped or cracked.
Undesirable tooth spacing and misalignment can be easily and discreetly corrected with Invisalign.
Veneers come in all shapes, shades, and sizes, and are customized to help each patient attain their ideal smile.
Whitening your teeth can put the finishing touch on your smile and already-awesome personality!                                                                                                                           
X-rays are a key component of a thorough dental examination, as they allow for evaluation of areas of the teeth/mouth not accessible through visual examination.
Your smile can leave a lasting impression.
Zzzzzzs (and catching enough of them) are essential for your health and quality of life.  If you’re not getting your share, or still feel unrested when waking or throughout the day, sleep apnea may be the culprit.

Article by
Columbia Dentist