Do You Sweat Too Much? Two Ways to Stop Excessive Sweating


Innovations in Heavy Sweating: Stop Soaked Shirts!

At this point, just about everybody knows about the injectable that smooths out forehead creases and crows’ feet: Botox. But patients might be interested to learn that the active ingredient in the prescription cosmetic also has a variety of other uses, including combating heavy sweating.

Botox works by preventing specific signals from completing their journey from the brain to their intended target. In the case of the forehead, for example, injections can keep specific muscles from contracting, which stops wrinkles from wrinkling.

Heavy sweaters, who suffer from a condition known as hyperhidrosis, can receive Botox injections to help. In the case of axillary hyperhidrosis, which happens under the arm, the chemical stops commands to produce sweat from reaching key glands. The effect is temporary — lasting four to six months — but certainly welcome to patients who, without Botox, would be dealing with frequently soaked shirts.

Besides Botox, we offer an alternative that has longer-term benefits and also prevents excessive sweating. Patients eager to trade regularly wet armpits for dry ones can try laser liposuction, SlimLipo, a precision laser procedure typically used for fat reduction. It can also target overly active sweat glands for heating and removal, which can permanently reduce underarm sweating by up to 90 percent!

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