Stem Cell hype in Hair Transplantation


There is a lot of hype going on about stem cells in the world of hair transplantation. This forced us to write this article for the better understanding about stem cells among our patients. Our hair follicles contain some committed stem cells in the bulge area. These stem cells in tandem with other cells of the hair follicles sustain the hair follicle structure and maintain the hair cycle. However, how these stem cells exactly act is not known. There are some unknown factors which regulate these stem cells.

In our lab, with the help of some eminent stem cell scientists of India we have already extracted these stem cells two years back and we injected this stem cell solution into the completely bald scalp as well as thinning scalp. But, this solution has not grown any new hair. Nowhere in the world, as of today, are stem cells producing new hair.

Producing new hair means cloning. Hair cloning is a mirage today. Probably, these stem cells solutions can help to prevent hair fall just like minoxidil, scientifically, nothing more than that. Every day we get to see a lot of advertisements related to stem cell hair duplication. This article is to aware the patients who inquire about the role of stem cells in hair transplantation.
On pubmed (which is the online dictionary in medical research) search about stem cell in hair transplantation nothing is found. That means no one has published any scientific evidence of stem cell hair regeneration on human scalp!

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India Dermatologist