Can I Start and Stop Botox and Fillers?


This is the next post in our new series called "You Ask. We Answer." The idea is to answer some of the questions that patients frequently ask. Today's answer comes from Jill Maze, RN, our wonderful Nurse Injector.

I often have patients who just want to “try” an injectable wrinkle treatment such as Botox or Juvederm. A major concern is what the outcome will be after the product wears off and they worry that they will actually look worse than if they never had anything done.

Botox Prevents Wrinkles from Forming
The good news is that injectables actually slow down the aging process! Lines and wrinkles are caused by facial expressions as well as collagen loss from sun damage and aging. If we are able to limit (but not erase) our facial expressions with a wrinkle-relaxer such as Botox or Dysport, we actually prevent those pesky lines from forming on our skin. For most people, the more they use neurotoxins, the longer and longer they last.

Commonly used fillers in our office are Juvederm and Radiesse. You may chose to use fillers in your cheeks to gently lift and shape your face. They can also be used to fill in the smile lines, marionette lines, vertical lip lines, temples, eye hollows, and any other lines on your face.

Fillers Promote Collagen-Growth
When the products are placed into our skin, our body recognizes the filler as a little bit of trauma. This sets our body in motion to try to heal the area. As a result of this healing process, our body begins to grow collagen around the filler. And this collagen leaves us with improvements in facial volume and lines. A nice side effect is that you need less and less filler through the years. I see this happen all the time. Our skin continues to age but fillers still help with the loss of volume, even when the filler goes away.

Bottom Line
You will not look worse if you stop getting injectables. If you try Botox a couple of times and never get it again, your face will return completely to how it was before. Botox or Dysport, on a continued basis, can prevent wrinkles from forming. If you get a filler one time, it will eventually dissolve but will leave you with improved collagen growth in the area. It is totally fine to start and stop injectables. But with something this fantastic, why would you?

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