Spreading of Breast Implants- How I Avoid it.


Breast implants have a tendency to shift towards the arms, irrespective of whether they are placed under the muscles. The reason for this outward shifting is the lack of adequately thick and supportive tissues on the outer sides of the chest. This spreading of implants results in widening of the cleavage and bulging of the breasts outward. I frequently see this with larger implants which is why I try to discourage patients who are asking for unreasonably big implants. Outward shifting of Breast Implants is more noticeable when the person is lying down on her back. I noticed this problem early in my career and changed my technique accordingly.

During the creation of implant pockets, I do not open up the tissues on the outer side beyond a vertical line extending from the front of the arm pit downward. I do this on purpose because I know that after a short while the side tissues will loosen at which time the breasts implants will be in a normal position.

I believe this change of technique  coupled with selection of proportionately sized implant is the main reason why I rarely see implants spreading apart in my patients.

Article by
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon