What's the best source of hair for an eyebrow transplant?


So what's the best source of donor hair for an eyebrow transplant?

For an eyebrow transplant, hair can theoretically be taken from anywhere. However, for eyebrows, the scalp seems to be the most reliable in terms of the chances of the hairs surviving and growing back after the transplant.

Donor hair for an eyebrow transplant can be taken from the following sites:
  1. scalp (usually in the area behind the ear)
  2. nape of neck
  3. arms or legs
  4. beard (in men)
  5. axillae (underarm) - rarely done
It's important to keep in mind that there is a big difference between what is possible and what is likely to give the best outcome. Hair from the back of the scalp has the highest chances of survival after a hair transplant. In fact, 85-92% of these hairs grow back after being transplanted. That is not true for hair taken from the leg or arms, where the chances of growth is much lower.  While we can do arm and leg hair in rare cases, scalp is preferred for most individuals wanting to restore their eyebrows 
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Vancouver Dermatologist