SmartLipo TriPlex, The Better Mousetrap


SmartLipo is a brand name for a laser assisted liposuction technology developed and manufactured by Cynosure in Europe. SmartLipo TriPlex is the lastest, 5th generation of the SmartLipo brand. After more than six years of Cynosure trying to sell me the SmartLipo technology, after consideration of all the data, I have determined that the SmartLipo TriPlex is indeed a better mousetrap. I am now the only certified plastic surgeon in Northern California to offer this better and safer SmartLipo TriPlex liposuction technology. Liposculpture with the SmartLipo Triplex has proven to be even more effective, with better results than I had even hoped for! If you are researching SmartLipo or liposuction techniques, make sure you ask any doctor you speak to which generation of SmartLipo they are offering and if their laser lipo technology has a temperature monitor auto shut-off.

I have been performing liposuction since it was invented by Dr. Illouz in the 1980s. During all those years, different Liposuction methods emerged, such as Tumescence, Superficial, Power-assisted, Ultrasonic (VASER) and Laser Liposuction. Initially Laser Liposuction was experimental and not very practical. As the machines got better so did the results. However, it was still time-consuming, potentially dangerous because of burns due to lack of temperature control, and results were not noticeably different from previous, and I believed, safeer methods.

The ideal liposuction treatment would involve the smallest incisions, remove large amounts of fat, have minimal bruising, rapid healing, and would shrink the skin in the areas where fat is removed. It would also be safe and consistent . For years, the method closest to this standard was Ultrasonic Liposuction, or the VASER. At the time, there were many different Laser Liposuction systems such as and they all claimed to be the best. However, they were still time-consuming and had the risk of burning due to the lack of control over the lasers energy. That is, until Cynosure came out with SmartLipo TriPlex.

The current generation of Smart Lipo is the fifth generation of Cynosure’s technology. It provides three different laser wavelengths(1064, 1320 and 1440). This does make the system more complex, but much more effective: One wavelength decreases bruising, one increases fat melting, and one increases skin tightening. The biggest change as far as results are concerned, is the fact that there is significant additional skin shrinkage compared to previous systems. This is especially important in problem areas like arms, neck, inner-thighs, and abdomen.

SmartLipo now also leads to less trauma and faster healing. Equally important is the fact that this system has a temperature guide. In the past, the surgeon had to either feel the skin, or use a temperature gun to check the outside temperature. This new system has an internal temperature control which is an important safeguard to prevent excessive heating and the possibility of thermal damage.

The Smart Lipo Triplex machine is the next big thing in body contouring in terms of fat removal, skin tightening, and safety.

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Sacramento Plastic Surgeon