We Use SMART Technology


Since the advent of orthodontics, esteemed doctors, scientists and laboratories have pushed the envelope of research seeking the latest forms of medical technology to improve oral health and aesthetics.

Despite the expanding marketplace, one challenge that has continued for orthodontists over the years is retainer compliance.

Everyone knows there is a direct correlation between keeping the teeth straight after the braces are removed and the amount of hours the retainer is in use. But how can you make sure the retainer is in use enough to give your patient’s teeth the best chance for success? How do you know the amount of time the retainer is actually in use?

At Demko Orthodontics, we use a small microsensor embedded in the retainer, called a SMART chip. The patient uses it the same way he would any other retainer.

I was extremely excited about the SMART retainer the moment I heard about it. Since we have implemented it into our practice our pts and parents feel so much more a part of the treatment outcome and embrace the fact that we are all a team working for a common goal. - Dr. Jackie Demko

The SMART retainer utilizes medical device technology to gather and store retainer use. When the patient returns to the orthodontist, the SMART retainer is placed on a special reader. The reader uploads the retainer use data and provides an accurate record on the computer. This helps the doctor make the best recommendation for retainer wear. And for the orthodontist, reading it is a snap. The program is easy to use, and most importantly, fool proof thus eliminating the age old debate of “he said, she said.”

The SMART retainer is a low cost, high tech solution that is becoming the standard of care for orthodontists, putting the responsibility of compliance of retainer use where it belongs… on the patient.

Please follow this link to see examples of our patients using SmartChip.

For more information on SMART technology, you can visit Wikipedia, or the SMART website

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