Need a Skin Treatment with Little Downtime? Foto-Facial® Treatments May be the Answer!


You may have noticed the term “FotoFacial” on our website under the “Services” tab and listed as one of the Registered Nurse Treatments. To perform Foto Facial® Treatments, Dr. Bass’ office uses the XEO system by Cutera. We have selected this system because it provides the most versatile light and laser technologies on the market. Using the XEO platform, we are able to perform not only Foto-Facial® Treatments, but also Photofacials and intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments for skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, vein treatment and hair removal. (Please note that some of these procedures may involve short down time.)

Intrigued by the sound of these mysterious Foto-Facial Treatments®? Read on!

Many patients are eager to improve the appearance of their skin but, with their busy schedules, they can’t afford the downtime that most treatments require. For patients looking to get right back to normal activity soon after treatment, the great news is that they now have an option: Foto-Facial Treatments®.

What are Foto-Facial Treatments®?

Foto-Facial Treatments® are a new, non-invasive therapy that emits high intensity pulses of light (NOT lasers) and gentle electrical radio frequency current to improve the skin’s appearance. This treatment penetrates the skin and causes the collagen and blood vessels to constrict. For optimal results, approximately 5 – 6 treatments are performed in 3-week intervals. Continuing maintenance is recommended to maintain optimal results.


Foto-Facial® Treatments are an exciting new procedure, but they are not suitable for everyone. A qualified professional must determine if you’re a good candidate for this type of treatment.

Indicatons for Foto-Facial® Treatments

Foto-Facial® Treatments can diminish or fully remove:
1. age/liver spots
2. broken capillaries
3. darkened areas of the skin
4. enlarged pores
5. facial flushing
6. fine wrinkles
7. flat birth marks
8. freckles
9. hemangiomas (red, blue or purple blood vessels that resemble a blister)
10. minor sun damage
11. port wine stains
12. rosacea
13. redness
14. telangiectasia (blue or purple veins in the face)
15. tattoos
16. spider veins
17. unwanted hair
18. varicose veins


Patients love Foto-Facial® Treatments because there is virtually no downtime after the procedure is performed. The only precaution is to protect the treated area from UV light (including natural sunlight and tanning beds) after treatment.

What to Expect

Foto-Facial® Treatments take between 15 and 30 minutes. Minimal or no discomfort can be expected during and after treatment. (A topical cream can be applied before the treatment to avoid most of the discomfort.) Skin may temporarily become reddish or flushed. Also, tiny capillaries may appear more visible and brown spots may look darker for a short time following treatment. Within a few hours or up to a few days, these reactions will fade, leaving a much smoother and even skin appearance.


One of the best features of Foto-Facial® Treatments is that there are very few risks. On very rare occasions, patients may experience blistering, scabbing or
slight bleeding as well as lightened or darkened areas of skin.


Foto-Facial® Treatments are really the first effective procedure for reducing redness, dilated capillaries and flushing. Whereas other methods cause discomfort, downtime and reduction in normal activities, these are not concerns for patients receiving Foto-Facial® Treatments. Foto-Facial® Treatments can also be combined with chemical peeling or micro-dermabrasion to further improve the results of these procedures.

With all the possible uses of Foto-Facial Treatments, we’d love to talk to you about how you can improve the appearance of your skin with this procedure.

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Phoenix Plastic Surgeon