Single Incision Mommy Makeover- SIMM


The SIMM, or the Single Incision Mommy Makeover procedure refers to a combination breast augmentation with an abdominoplasty. The abdominoplasty incision is used to perform the breast augmentation as well. By utilizing this technique, there are no scars placed on the breast; two procedures through a single incision!

A complete abdominoplasty is performed and breast implants (saline or silicone) are placed in a submuscular or subglandular position using direct visualization. Although it is technically more challenging, the direct result is a completely natural-appearing breast augmentation without any scar to indicate that an enhancement was performed.

  • Healthy patients that are candidates for breast augmentation AND
  • abdominoplasty
  • Breasts without significant ptosis (sagging)
  • Patients who meet the above criteria and wish to perform two procedures in a single setting
  • Patients with multiple comorbidities (diabetes, heart disease, or any other condition rendering the patient as high-risk
  • Patients with significant ptosis (sagging)
  • Single incision with no breast incisions
  • Shorter operative time for combined breast augmentation/abdominoplasty
  • Faster recovery time
  • Lower cost than two separate procedures
  • A single operation
Of the various techniques for breast augmentation, the SIMM Procedure is the only one that reliably places silicone breast implants without a single scar on the breasts. Therefore, you can undergo a breast augmentation without anyone ever knowing!
Article by
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon