What is Sculptra® and how does it work?


We all know what an older face looks like, but we can’t always identify what makes it look older. Even in a lifted, injected face, there can be diffuse volume loss that contributes significantly to an aged appearance, especially in the temples and cheeks. Sculptra®Aesthetic (injectable poly-L-lactic acid) is used to address these areas.
Sculptra®Aesthetic consists of a pulverized form of dissolvable suture. As such, it stimulates your body’s natural responses to build collagen while dissolving the material. As your body responds to the product, the volume is slowly restored to create a more youthful fullness.
It typically takes at least 4 weeks after treatment to begin to see a response. Additional product may be added as needed, and it is typical to undergo several injection sessions. Once correction has been achieved, the results have been shown to last at least 2 years.
Costs vary according to a patient's needs and how many vials or sessions are needed. In our practice we find Sculptra® gives us one more avenue for wrinkle correction that certainly can complement facial surgeries and other injectables.
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Palm Beach Gardens Oculoplastic Surgeon