The Scarless Facelift


The Natural Lift

As we prepare to Spring forward many of us would like to Fall back ,when it comes to the hands of time. Spring is a time of rejuvenation and growth. The endoscopic browlift allows you to rejuvenate your face with minimal incisions. This natural lift is a dream come true for patients and surgeons alike.

In the late 1980’s the concept of browlifting by the use of small incisions and an endoscope was introduced. This innovation allowed surgeons to accomplish the excellent cosmetic results of brow elevation without the scars. This innovation has know been taken a step further allowing the surgeon to safely lift the midface in conjunction with the brow, giving the patient a natural, youthful appearance without any visible signs of surgery.

The endoscopic browlift with midface suspension requires a few small incisions. Using a small scope designed especially for this procedure, the surgeon lifts the facial tissues away from their attachments. The entire facial unit of skin, muscle and soft tissue is then lifted like a mask upward and laterally. This technique allows the entire face to be restored to its early position before the aging process took place. The results give a natural look reminiscent to the patient’s earlier photos. The procedure is done without elevating the brow to high, or altering the patient’s hairline, giving them an operated on look. You will be complemented on how wonderful and rested you look not on your new browlift.

The entire procedure is completed in less than two hours. Post operative pain is easily controlled by oral analgesics and bruising is usually minimal. Swelling around the eyes and cheeks may occur, which is typically reduced to normal within a week. Makeup is usually worn around the fifth day with most patients returning to work after a restful week off.

The results are a natural youthful appearance with a minimal downtime.

Article by
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon