Sagging Breasts Deserve a Lift


The breast lift, also known as the mastopexy, involves improving the shape, elevation, and contours of the breasts. The procedure is usually done to address problems associated with breasts such as uneven and sagging breasts, stretched areolae, and drooping nipples. It also helps to establish aesthetically proportionate cleavage for women. The breast lift is a very safe procedure; thousands of women undergo this surgery successfully every year.


The sagging of breasts can occur due to a number of reasons, including gravity, pregnancy/nursing, heredity, weight loss or gain, and normal aging. If you are not happy about your sagging breasts, you can opt for a breast lift surgery. Place a pencil under your breasts and see if it stays or falls. If it stays, then you can consider having your breasts lifted. If you find that the area surrounding your areola or nipple has become stretched, you can go for the procedure to correct it.

You may opt for the procedure if you find that your breasts are no longer firm, they are not equal in size, they appear different from each other, or your areolae and nipples point downward.


Breast lift surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia. The location of the incision will be determined by your surgeon based on the shape and size of your breasts, the position and the size of the areolae, the skin elasticity and quality, the degree of breast sagging, and the amount of extra skin. After making the incisions, the surgeon will lift the underlying breast tissue and reshape it to improve firmness and breast contours. The areolae and the nipples will be repositioned as needed. If the areolae are enlarged, they will be reduced. In order to ensure elasticity, excess breast skin will be removed. The incisions will then be closed. The sutures will be placed deep in the breast tissue in order to support the new position of the breasts for a longer period of time.


The breasts will be bandaged after the surgery. You will have to wear compression garments in order to help control any bruising and swelling that result from the procedure. You may experience some pain after the surgery; however, it should go away after some time. If it does not, contact your doctor. You can also expect some redness. Post-surgical care will be discussed with you during your consultation, and it is important to follow it closely. Your surgeon will also inform you about when you can resume your normal activities.

A breast lift will help you to achieve a breast profile that is more youthful. The results of the breast lift procedure will usually last for decades; your lifestyle will play an important role in determining this.

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