Safe way of performing a Breast Implant: Incision placement selecion


There are 4 possible major incision placement areas, resulting from breast augmentation surgeries. Those wounds are found on inframammary crease, areola, armpit and navel. The wound on the navel is a rare case as it is difficult and complicated for surgeon to perform an surgery with the incision area located on this part of the body.

Possible areas of Silicone gel insertion for a breast implant are on Subglandularpocket, Submuscularpocket and Biplanarpocket/Dualplane.

All kinds of surgery has a potential risk, breast augmentation are likewise. Although a surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon, there might be a possibility of side effect still. Those include:

* Visible wounds such as protruded wounded or Keloid

* Breast Bleeding or bruises

* Breast Implant Infection

* Temporary of permanent Nipples numbness

* Capsular contracture

* Silicone leakage

* Multiple breast crease

* A risk of anesthesia

* A pain from surgery, which is slightly disappeared.

* A risk of blood clotting

* A likelihood of revised surgery


* All kinds of silicone are not a lifetime warrantee. There is a possibility of changing new silicon in the future.

* Shape of breast implant may change over times. Pregnant and weight loosing woman may likewise experience.

All in all, a patient should not worry too much, as the above symptoms are less likely to happen and most of them are curable. However, a good preparation is beneficial for a patient to prevent possible risks.

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