Repairing Your Damaged Earlobes


Like a cherry on top of a Sunday, your earrings complete your look.  Since ears are one of the most visible parts of your body and make a big statement with the jewelry that you wear, it is important to periodically check the condition of your earlobes.  As earring jewelry comes in different styles and weights, along with the age of the earlobe, the shape of your earlobe may be changing and affecting the beauty of your jewels.  Are you happy with what you are seeing?

What’s going on you ask?  With age, it is not uncommon for the earlobes to elongate, stretch out, look saggy. Add the weight of your favorite earrings, clip-ons or pierced earrings, and the lobe hangs down even more.  Oh, great!

Also with pierced ear lobes, many women have been wearing “dangles” for years and the dangles are getting closer to their shoulders. Sound familiar? They have stretched out or perhaps the earrings have pulled through and torn the earlobe.  Don’t fret; repairing and restoring earlobes is a frequent and straight forward procedure.


1.  A torn or stretched out piercing can be repaired during an easy in-office procedure under local anesthesia.

2. Another quick and easy solution is for the lobes that just don’t support even a posted earring.  Today’s dermal fillers can plump up the thinning lobes and keep your earrings facing forward again.

3. Finally, for earlobes that have stretched out, are too long, have lost strength and are out of shape, an earlobe reshaping/reduction can give you back a lobe with the correct size and shape.  Again, this is an easy in-office procedure under local anesthesia.

Article by
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon