Reducing Excess Belly Skin with the Male Body Lift


Big guys who can really work their bellies to their advantage are a real hit in comedy.  Think Jason Alexander, John Candy or Cedric the Entertainer.  But if you’re a guy who doesn’t need your belly as part of your act and it’s really just loose skin that’s the problem, you may be a great candidate for a male ‘Body Lift’!

I know what you are thinking…but male cosmetic surgery is becoming more acceptable in today’s society as men are under pressure socially, professionally and emotionally to look more fit and attractive.

Men are seeking Body Lifts for one of two reasons:

1. Large amount of weight loss.  If a man has lost a large amount of weight, often the excess skin and sometimes fat deposits have not disappeared even with careful diet and dedicated exercise.  For men who have achieved substantial weight loss and have excess skin as a result, an excellent solution is to have an abdominal lift.

2. Aging.  While men may go on restrictive diets and exercise routinely as they age, their youthful physique is almost impossible to maintain. Their clothes may be a good size but there is excess “stuff” hanging over the belt.  An excellent solution is to have a lift to eliminate the abdominal bulges that are bothering them.

There are actually several types of lifts for men that address these concerns:

1. A traditional Abdominal Lift.  The abdominal walls are tightened and the excess skin is removed. This procedure takes between two and four hours.

2. A Full Body Lift. Bulges on the man’s abdomen area, as well as part of his lower back (love handle areas), are reduced. The length of surgery depends on man’s size.

The end results give back the waistline men have been working on; the one they may not have seen for some time.

Article by
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon