Ready to Get Cheeky? Let’s Talk Cheek Implants


When your cheeks are undefined, and the skin is losing its luster, you might start to look sad

and unhappy. We know that this reduced prominence of our cheekbones can have an enormous

impact on the overall look of our face, especially when some premature signs of aging start to

creep in. At South Shore Plastic Surgery, our clients know that no matter what it is, if it bothers

you, then we can find a way to change it or make it better. Our cheek implants can help you add

contour to your face to bring out every one of your beautiful features that have become shy with

softened structures. Are you ready to get cheeky? Let's talk about our cheek implants.

Why Cheek Implants Could be for You

When our clients ask us about our cheek implants and why these are the best options, before

we answer that question we perform a full facial analysis that will reveal the answer. For many

of our patients that suffer from sunken in cheeks due to tissue deterioration and those that never

had the bone structure to begin with, we tell them at they have options to improve the fullness

and lifting of the cheekbones. But cheek implants are long lasting and can be individually crafted

for your natural bone and tissue structure. You will work with your surgeon to craft the size and

volume of the implant to fit your ideal look best. Our patients love the control their cheeks now

have on their face, rather than previously sitting flat and small. If you have significant tissue loss

or bone loss, we recommend these cheek implants for you.

The procedure doesn’t take long once the implant has been created. 30-minutes is our usual

amount of time that we take to apply these cheek implants. We can do this by going through the

interior of your mouth or just below the eye. The implant is then placed gently and securely into

a special pocket created by your physician that will sit on the bone to enhance your profile. If

you’ve had a facelift or will have one, this could rejuvenate your lift and add some beautiful

symmetry to the result. You can add this to your facelift procedures at South Shore Plastic


Injectables Can’t Give You the Same Volume

Now, injectables are an excellent way to help regenerate old cells and base fibers in the skin

that can keep it young and refreshed. However, these dermal filler injections can do some lift,

but it’s not to the degree of what you would see with these cheek implants. Plus, they don’t

guarantee that you’ll see exactly the shape that you want. Fillers are not isolated to one specific

place, but they tend to look more natural because they’re a serum injection, meaning that cheek

implants will have a defined shape that will last for years to come. Dermal filler injectables for

the cheeks only lasts so long. So if you’re looking for the right kind of definition using something

that lasts much longer than a few months, you want to think about cheek implants. Cheek im-
plants are done in the same amount of time that these injectables take and our clients love


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