Putting YOU Back into You


Bringing you new information that makes a difference is what makes our practice thrive. We find

the best solutions available to solve your aesthetic concerns, taking great care to provide you with

cosmetic treatments that yield natural-appearing results. We research treatments at the forefront

of medical science striving to find those that are less invasive and shorten your recovery time.

Our newest treatment is a vast improvement on facial volume enhancement. It’s a big step forward

from both manufactured dermal fillers and fat transfer treatments. We’re calling this new

treatment Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) with an enhanced Micronized Cellular Adipose Matrix

(MCAM). Now you can begin your facial rejuvenation plan by putting you back into you!

What is 3D fat transfer and how does Dr. Lensink use it in his practice?

3D fat transfer is the extraction of fat from one source in the body and transferring it to another

area for revolumizing purposes. Dr. Lensink uses mini-liposuction that only requires a needlesized

incision to extract adipose tissue (fat) from around the bellybutton. We then centrifuge (spin

out) specific components of this tissue as the first step in crafting your own revolumizing serum.

At the same time that we extract adipose tissue from the bellybutton, we also take a vial of blood

from the patient and add it to a centrifuge. Spinning the blood allows us to draw out the Platelet-

Rich Plasma (PRP) cells that are known for their healing abilities. This PRP from your own

blood is added to the processed adipose tissue to contribute growth factors, thereby enhancing

tissue viability. This prepared medium is reinjected into the face requiring cannulas somewhat

larger than those used for dermal filler injections.

The New Hybrid Facial Volume Enhancer: PRP-MCAM

Adipose tissue is now known to be rich in mesenchymal stem cells, those cells that act as stem

cells responsible for cellular regeneration throughout the body. Because we know durable stem

cells contain important regenerative ingredients, we can liquefy adipose tissue to preserve the tissue-

regenerating stem cells. This restorative, liquefied component created naturally by the body,

is combined with PRP to form a super-serum called PRP-MCAM. Syringes and cannulas, the

same size as our dermal filler counterparts used today, are loaded with the mixture. We inject

this serum into the areas that require rebuilding. As PRP growth factors and MCAM regenerative

cells start to infuse into the subdermal layers and surface skin, the process begins to restore

volume and lost youth.

New Discovery

A new discovery for the cosmetic industry and plastic surgeons everywhere, PRP-MCAM injections

are created from our natural tissues and therefore do not carry the risk of introducing foreign

manufactured substances into the body. We no longer need to rely on foreign substances to

rebuild or maintain healthy, young facial tissues.

What is new about this approach to volume replenishment is that we no longer have to look toward

large injecting cannulas for this simple task. We can use small syringes

equal in size to dermal fillers for convenience, and we also avoid the need for reinjection of

those fillers along with associated side effects and recurring cost. Our patients will only need a

reduced local anesthetic because this treatment is minimally invasive. There is little to no discomfort

during this 3D fat transfer treatment.

3D fat transfer using PRP-MCAM is revolutionary and will change the face of cosmetic volume

enhancement in facial tissues. Instead of making appointments for treatments every few months

or every year, this new technique is long-lasting and permanent because it’s all you, all of your

unique tissues that are processing and restructuring your facial appearance.

How Dr. Lensink is Going to Use it in His Office

Right here in our surgical center, we do intend to bring forward a storage system for all natural

fat cells for future use in patients that wish to take advantage of this volumizing treatment. Dr.

Lensink will have a cryopreservation freezer in the clinic that can preserve these viable fat cells

for long periods of time for any future treatments you require as you age and lose volume

throughout your face. We will be storing 10-20 mls per patient in our clinic. This process will be

smooth for everyone since your natural cells are ready for you when you need them.

Article by
Redding Oculoplastic Surgeon