Pure Power Mouthguards PPM for TMJ and Headache Treatment


As seen on Monday Night Football, Pure Power Mouthguards the athletic mouthpieces that enhance athletic performance are  now available to the public.  They benefit weekend warriors, high school and college athletes and the Pros.

This high tech mouthwear, upper for contact sports and lower for non contact sports positions the jaws, head and neck for better alignment.  Ths improved position allows for better flexibility, strength, balance and recovery post exertion ( due to increased airway)  A study at Rutgers University confirms the increased performance.

The New Orleans saints team is using them with great results, Shaq and Terrel Owens wear them as well.  They are a huge help for golf with the increased range of motion on the back swing as well as better balance.

The results are instant and amazing!  It is based on Neuromuscular technology that some Dentists use to treat TMJ and headache problems.  The mouthguards are custom fabricated and worn on the lower do not interfere with speech.

Article by
Denver Dentist