Protect your eyebrows ladies!


I am often asked by patients to treat those expressive lines or furrows running across the forehead. However, there is a reason for these lines. Our body is trying to tell us something: “Please, Please help me! My eyebrows are falling!”. In fact, the forehead muscle is working overtime!
Believe it or not, the forehead muscle, otherwise known as the frontalis muscle, is your friend; it works hard to keep your eyebrows up. Just raise your eyebrows and watch what happens to the lines on your forehead! However, how do you get a smooth forehead AND maintain your eyebrows in a desirable and esthetic position? Paralyzing the forehead muscle with Botulinum injections is not the solution; just watch what happens days later…. the brows will fall and feel heavy.
So what is there to do? Rather than weaken your “friendly” forehead muscle that lifts the eyebrows, one should treat those muscles that pull down the eyebrows, such as the frown muscles between the eyebrows (glabella and corrugator), and the smile muscles outside the eyes (orbicularis oculi). In that way, the forehead muscle does not have to work so hard to keep your eyebrows from falling. Consequently, those all too visible forehead lines will improve with time and treatment.
After all, the goal of Botulinum injections is to treat lines of expression AND to keep the eyebrows in desirable position for as long as possible.
A word of caution however…. “spock” eyebrows after Botulinum injections are not pretty! Quite simply, once the muscles that pull down the eyebrows have been weakened, there is very little to counteract the lifting action of the forehead muscle. Some patients do need a small amount of Botulinum high in their forehead after the frown and smile areas have been treated. It is essential that your doctor takes the time to assess the dynamics of the muscles on your face in order to strike the right balance for you. Plastic surgeons are particularly qualified to do this as they are surgeons and understand the physiology and anatomy of the muscles of the face.
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