Plastic Surgery Costs Abroad.


Many patients begin their consultation questionnaire asking us: How much does that plastic surgery cost? without even giving information about them and their health. This is largely due to the constant bombardment of cosmetic surgery by the media, leading to people seeing these procedures in a cheerful and carefree manner, as if it weren't a medical act . Although the rate of complications from plastic surgery is actually much less than all other surgical specialties, this does not indicate that the consultation should start on discussing costs, as if it were the same as buying clothing from a store.

Before talking about Dominican Republic plastic surgery prices there are many factors to taken into account, which make up the final figure that is offered to the patient about the cost of the treatment. In addition to professional fees, it is customary (but not mandatory ) for dominican plastic surgeons to offer an "all inclusive package" price, that covers the tariff fees of other physicians participating in the process (anesthesiologist, assistants), administrative expenses of the Health Center, and consumption of disposable materials and medications used during the procedure, all of this in a pre-paid manner.

It is common to find even more inclusive packages, which also include additional services such as laboratories and studies to be carried out before surgery, the cost of the evaluation by additional physicians prior to the surgery (usually a cardiologist or internist; and on selected cases other specialists such as pulmonologists , endocrinologists , etc.), post- surgical garments (girdle or bra) and even massage packages, and in-home visits. Ideally, check with your plastic surgeon what services are definitely included in the price, so there is no surprise, but it is generally more convenient to define a package to pay before the procedure , so they aren't any surprises nor bills to pay when you get the medical discharge.

The fact that an all inclusive package is set up, with all services included in a single price, is what makes some patients feel as the cost of these procedures were too "expensive", when in fact they are not.
After selecting a procedure, several other factors influence the final price. Among these we can cite the anatomy of the treated area, for example: A facelift usually is equal to or more expensive than a body contouring procedure, since it requires more attention to detail, and the surgeon works in an area with an increased anatomical risk, compared to the rest of the body. Similarly, the decision to use implants of any kind (butt or breast implants, for example) increases the price of most procedures, since the implants are imported medical devices, and therefore are more expensive than other materials.

Conversely, if you are considering having several procedures done, if you qualify for a combination, you could get a relative saving, compared to the price you'd pay if you decided to split the procedures. You can benefit from theses savings by the reduction of administrative costs and room costs, which you would have to pay twice, if the procedures were done separately. Always check your particular status with your plastic surgeon to see if in your current health condition, you could qualify for a combined procedure.

In contrast, for most of our foreign patients, the prices seem super attractive, as compared to the costs in their home country, ranging from 30% to 70% off the cost of performing them home.

Does this mean that certified plastic surgeons working in Dominican Republic have less surgical skill than their peers abroad? How is this price difference justified?

No way! The cost reduction you get in these cases is not due to a lack of preparation or quality of Dominican specialists, but due to a substantial difference in the cost of health commodities in Dominican Republic (drugs , materials and clinical expenses) which are much cheaper in the Dominican Republic than in more developed countries. On the contrary, by participating in major international conclaves on the field, it is evident that our preparedness is level with that in the rest of the continent and beyond.

Nevertheless, I invite you to be very cautious when choosing your plastic surgeon, because an excessively low price should serve as a warning that there is a possibility that the professional does not have sufficient credentials to run the procedure proposed and therefore must resort to this practice, to attract potential patients in vulnerable situations .

For this reason we recommend that you always check the credentials of the doctor that you are considering having a procedure with, and ensures that your health will be on hands with proper training to ensure your safety. In Dominican Republic , the Dominican Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery is empowered by the Board of Medical Recertification of the Dominican Medical Association and the Ministry of Public Health, to certify plastic surgeons in the country. Such accreditation is achieved after an extensive evaluation process of the credentials shown.

Upon receipt of such certification , the surgeon is accredited both by international societies such as the Ibero-American Federation of Plastic Surgery (FILACP) and the International Confederation of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)

In our particular case, along with the previous certification, we are also members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), and we are in the process of expanding our accreditation internationally.

So the next time you call on a cosmetic procedure, first check that your surgeon inquire about your health, and assess your physical status before offering a procedure and discuss costs. If it occurs the other way around, then he or she is probably not the best choice for you.

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