How to Plan a Breast Augmentation Consultation




Visit informative websites like and link to the plastic surgeon of your choice. Read all the information on the website and discuss personal experiences with patients on RealSelf or patients who have had surgery by your plastic surgeon. Understand your goals and realistic expectations. More importantly know what you can achieve. Research your plastic surgeon to make sure they are board certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons websites. Is he/she a member of national, regional and state societies, are they board certified, are they a leader in the field.


Listen carefully. It's okay to have your own ideas but listen to the expert. Come to some sort of compromise and beware the person who promises the world. Have a written checklist with all of your questions and write everything down. You will be given much information during the consultation, so be prepared to go home and spend the time to read it carefully. Discuss your goals openly and as clearly as possible. Let your plastic surgeon know the size you want to be and also the shape. Do your homework on the implant styles, shape and surface options. Visit websites like and to read about your implants choices and the warranty that comes with the implant. Ask your plastic surgeon the tough questions like; are you board certified, are you experienced with this surgery and what problems have you had in the past and more importantly what did you do to resolve the problems.


Go home and read all the information. Make yourself an expert and decide. A second consultation is a good idea but don't see ten plastic surgeons, two consults maybe three is ideal. Most important make an informed decision by following all the steps outlined above.

Breast augmentation is a procedure that can enhance and improve your body contour. You should take the necessary time to plan effectively.
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