Phoenix Plastic Surgeon Performs New Tummy Tuck Technique


Traditionally, patients of tummy tuck procedures are left with the uncomfortable and unsightly burden of carrying around two plastic drains inserted into the abdominal area which collect excess fluids post operation.  And while a conventional tummy tuck works wonders to remove excess skin, a preliminary surgery, requiring 6 months’ recovery time, would normally be required if the patient wanted to remove excess body fat around her waist using liposuction.

The two step process was required because with this “first generation” technique, performing liposuction simultaneously with the tummy tuck created a risk of interruption of blood supply that is needed for proper healing. Because Dr. Bass does such a high level of body sculpting with his liposuction, his patients were willing to do this waistline re-sculpting in two phases.

The key to the popular technique that Bass now practices is the use of multiple quilting sutures up and down the abdomen that closes up pockets which would normally collect fluid.  During the operation, Bass is also able to safely incorporate liposuction as a shaping tool to better sculpt the mid-section leaving the patient with a flatter tummy and shapelier profile all at the same time, eliminating the two phases previously required.

Bass comments on the use of the new tummy tuck technique: “Our tummy tuck patients recover much faster and get better results now that we can safely use liposuction during the same procedure. Patients are thrilled that carrying around a fluid drain is no longer required and are relieved they don’t have to worry about the ‘dreaded drain’ anymore.”

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Phoenix Plastic Surgeon