Personalizing Your Skin Care Regimen


The desire for beautiful skin is universal, but the approach we take has to be individualized. In skin care, there is no one-product-fits-all approach.

I believe that everyone can have beautiful, radiant skin regardless of age, skin color or class.  When patients come to me, I try to provide a skin care regimen that is tailor-made for them.

I encourage the use of samples to try out products.  After all, a medicated skin care product may work for one person, but irritate another.  A certain creamy cleanser may feel like heaven to some but may feel too thick for others.  Everyone is different.  I pay attention to the nuances and help our patients come up with a program that feels good and performs well!

I frequently counsel my patients on topical prescription medications and skin care products from not only our office, but anywhere from Walmart to Nordstrom. Once I know your skin type, I can help you choose the right skin care products to fit your budget.

Article by
Atlanta Dermatologist