Periareolar Breast Lift for Most Woman with Sagging


New concepts in breast lift and reduction include using the simple periareolar scar. Fashioned from work done for many years in France and South America by Drs Benelli and Sampaio Goes, respectfully.

Only 5% of Practices in US offer this technically challenging procedure which serves to reduce the scarring seen with other methods. It is not applicable for the largest reductions or the more extreme lifting situations.

We continue to perform these procedures during the past 18 years. While the lollipop reduction is gaining greater acceptance among surgeons moving from the T scar methodology, the periareolar method is still my choice for all lifts and moderate size reductions.

We have posted case photos on this advanced  limited scar breast surgery. The new website is Southern California Breast Lift and Reduction at

This method is more advanced than a simple donut breast lift because it involves fashioning an internal bra to help support the breast and a skin repair that incorporates a circular skin closure with permanent blocking suture.

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