Pellevé & Zeltiq - Beauty Runs Hot & Cold


The legendary French designer, Coco Chanel, once said, “you can have a great body or a great face after forty – but you can’t have both.”

Although that might have been true in the past, I’m happy to report that with the introduction of two new revolutionary cosmetic treatments, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Pellevé™ – The Perfect Way to “Melt” Away the Years

  • Pellevé is a new FDA-approved procedure for the safe and effective treatment of facial wrinkles without injections or surgery. A Pellevé skin tightening treatment is also great for improving jowls and firming up loose skin around the neck. Pellevé is virtually painless – there’s no anesthesia, no down time, no bruising.
  • Using advanced radiowave technology, Pellevé gently heats the deepest layers of the skin causing the skin’s collagen to contract and tighten. During a treatment session, you will feel a warming sensation each time the Pellevé handpiece touches the area being treated. Because no anesthetic is required, you’ll be able to describe the degree of warmth to the operator, which will help ensure the safest, most effective results.
  • Following the procedure, the skin begins to produce new collagen, which results in improvement in quality, firmness and tightness you will be able to see and feel. Many people say “wow” when they see an instant improvement in the contour of their face. For the best results, a few treatments are usually performed about a month apart. Because treatments take only about an hour with no recovery time, Pellevé fits easily into busy schedules.

Zeltiq™ – The New “Cool” Way to Reduce Fat

The Zeltiq procedure is a new, non-invasive treatment that gently and effectively reduces fat in targeted areas of your body. Ideal candidates for Zeltiq are relatively fit, but have some modest-size fat bulges. Zeltiq can give you a psychological “boost” by jump-starting you diet.

  • In just one hour, you can lose bothersome love handles, muffin tops, pouches, bra rolls or excess fat in your abdomen while comfortably checking your e-mail, listening to your iPod or reading a book. With Zeltiq, there are no incisions, no anesthesia, no needles and no downtime.
  • What makes Zeltiq unique is its advanced cooling technology that targets and eliminates fat cells in men and women without damaging the skin. During the treatment session, a non-invasive applicator is applied to the skin. The fat cells are specifically targeted and destroyed by the freezing temperature, whereas the overlying skin remains intact and undisturbed. Similar to liposuction, the targeted fat cells are destroyed permanently – but with no incisions, surgery or downtime.


Article by
New York Dermatologic Surgeon