Online Dermatology Visits by Pine Belt Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center



   Technology in the healthcare industry is constantly changing, and as reluctant as some practices may be in accepting it, every day it becomes more ingrained in our day to day operations within healthcare. Pine Belt Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center has always embraced the opportunity to use technology to further serve our patients. That is why we are excited to announce that we now offer online, virtual, consultations. There is a large population of individuals who need to see the doctor regarding some mild condition that they put off for a number of reasons. Those reasons could be that work has them so tied up that they cannot take off in order to come see a physician, they may not be in a financial position to take off of work, they don’t have a ride to commute to the doctor’s office, or the doctor’s office is simply too far of a drive for them to see the benefit in scheduling a visit. Whatever the reasons may be, Pine Belt Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center now has a solution, not just for the Pine Belt region, but anyone who needs to see a dermatologist but is unable to do so.  This virtual online visitation service is not just new to the area, but new to the state of Mississippi as a whole. This service is widely known as “tele-medicine”. Tele-medicine has been a concept for years but there was much uncertainty in previously implementing it. However, recently it has picked up popularity among mental health and primary care practices across the nation. Much of this is due to the rampant popularity of smart phones and tablets as much as it is to the advances in medical technology and privileges associated with virtual visits. What once had to be done via the computer can now be done on mobile devices. This has allowed a custom platform for virtual dermatology visits to be perfected, and that is exactly what we at Pine Belt Dermatology are proud to offer. This specific platform is the first of its kind in the state of Mississippi. Consequently, as exciting as the opportunity to pioneer this product is, there is still an enigmatic aura associated with the service because it is unlike anything we, or our patients, have ever experienced. This blog is one of many efforts to further educate individuals so that they will share our excitement in knowing they now have this service at their fingertips!


What is This Virtual Dermatology Visit?

   First and foremost, this product is 100% HIPAA compliant and it is available to anyone who has access to a computer, smart phone, or tablet. The online dermatology visit that Pine Belt Dermatology now offers to the entire state of Mississippi uses what is called a “store-and-forward” method. This is when you submit pictures and a summary of the condition in question, and one of our providers responds with a diagnosis when he/she is notified. This dermatology consultation is convenient for both parties: the patient can submit the urgent need at their leisure, and the Pine Belt Dermatology provider can review the case and make a diagnosis at their leisure. Now, patients can take solace in knowing that the providers are obligated under a contract to respond to the case within 3 business days, so their submission will not sit in the providers’ virtual waiting room for very long, often less than 24 hours!

An online visit with one of our providers mirrors the steps of an in-office visit, using a HIPAA compliant/ data-secure process that includes inputting medical background information, doctor and pharmacy preferences, and a description with photos of your current condition. Below is a list of the Pine Belt Dermatology providers participating in our online dermatology service:

  1. Dr. David Roy
  2. Lauren Aycock, FNP-BC
  3. Kristen Richardson, PA-C


How Do I Access This Service?

   The virtual platform is built so that it is user friendly in addition to being extremely convenient to the provider and patient. For starters, you can access the service through our website via the computer, or you can access it from your phone/tablet by downloading our PBD app to your device (available through the iTunes Store and/or Google Play Store). Whether you are starting your virtual dermatology visit through our online system or by using a mobile device, it’s an easy process. Get PBD online dermatology care in just 3 simple steps:

  1. Create an account – here you will provide details about your skin condition and medical history.
  2. Upload photos – take photos of your current condition that you want examined and upload to our HIPAA secure platform.
  3. Get treatment – once the Pine Belt Dermatology provider has examined your case, you will receive a personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.



What are the Benefits of Our Online Dermatology Visits?


  • Regardless of the hour of day, you will be able to consult with one of our board-certified providers online – and on your time!
  • You can conveniently set up a visit for yourself, your child, or another dependent. The visit can be conducted without your dependent needing to miss school or work. You can also conduct your consultations after clinic hours and on the weekend!
  • Get a personalized treatment from the providers you trust in no more than 3 business days (typically we will have a response in less than 24 hours).
  • Your diagnosis will be from familiar faces of providers who proudly serve Petal, Hattiesburg, Collins, and Ellisville Mississippi.
  • Providers, upon making a diagnosis, can electronically prescribe any medications you may need to your local pharmacy!
  • The visit is very affordable – just a flat fee of $60 out-of-pocket.
  • This new, modern service can allow patients to virtually visit the dermatologist of their choice for over 3,000 skin, hair, and nail conditions!
  • You will receive a text or email notification (you have the option to select your preference) when the doctor’s diagnosis is available for you to view on your secure online account.



Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tele-Dermatology Visits:

  • Are Virtual Visits Only Available for Certain Conditions?
    • Pine Belt Dermatology can diagnose over 3,000 skin, hair, and nail conditions via our online dermatology care. The most common conditions that are treated through this platform are acne, suspicious moles, rosacea, eczema, warts, and psoriasis.
  • How Much Does an Online Dermatology Visit Cost?
    • The cost of PBD’s online consultation is $60, which includes the diagnosis, personalized treatment plan and prescription routing to your pharmacy of choice. The fee does not, however, cover the cost of the prescription itself.
  • Is This Service Covered by Insurance?
    • Online care is covered by certain insurance plans. However, you do not need insurance to use the service. You can use any major credit card, or use the convenient forms provided in the online visit to submit for your Health Spending Account (HAS), Health Reimbursement Account (HRA), or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) to pay for a single condition.
  • How Soon Can I Expect a Diagnosis?
    • You will receive a diagnosis in 3 business days or sooner and typically in less than 24 hours. Conveniently, you can receive counseling from the dermatologist for up to 30 days regarding your submitted condition and diagnosis/treatment plan.
  • What If I Need a Skin Biopsy or In-Office Procedure?
    • If the Pine Belt Dermatology provider determines that an in-office visit is necessary, please call one of our offices in Petal, Hattiesburg, Collins, and/or Ellisville to schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.
  • Are My Personal Health Information and Photos Kept Confidential?
    • Pine Belt Dermatology’s online office visits is 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant.



We are very excited to offer this service to the state of Mississippi.
With it being such a rural state and providers being few and far
between, we think that it will be a great service to Hattiesburg and
surrounding areas. We’ve partnered with the leading tele-dermatology
solution provider, Iagnosis, to be able to offer a modernized approach
to medicine in this new virtual visit platform. This way our specialists
can be accessed by anyone in need, from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to
Oxford. We hope that you will not only share our excitement, but check
the service out yourself and share the news with others

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Hattiesburg Dermatologic Surgeon