How Are Your New Year Resolutions Coming Along? Dr. Capizzi Offers Tips for Staying on Good Fat Loss Footing!


Did you set exercise or weight-loss goals for 2015? After all January ‘tis the season for resolutions. And the Stillwater team is no exception. Dr. Capizzi plans to spin and stretch more in 2015. Look for him at the Y and at Y2 Yoga. Many at Stillwater’s Birkdale Village office are devotées of Lake Norman Core Barre. Patient administrator Stephanie Abernathy, R.N. Tammy Ryan and surgical assistant Ali Kraus say that trying up with their kids ought to formally count as exercise.

High-minded, aspirational New Year resolutions are sometimes hard to keep. You know it. We know it. What’s top of mind for us this week is ideas on how to keep your workouts fresh, exciting and doable. It’s results that matter. We know that the magazines are full of exercise tips. For today’s blog, we’d like to offer three surprising tips for keeping your workouts working

  1. Embrace routine: Be a creature of (good) habit. Make exercise a regular, predictable part of the day. Chances are, you do much of the same thing every day. Wake up, pour the coffee and start the day. Maybe you could add a brisk jog to your morning routine. Or perhaps to unwind after work? If time is an issue, you might sample quick workouts. You’ve got ten minutes, don’t you? Have you read about Tabata?
  2. Mix it up: After having just recommended embracing routine, our next suggestion to jump start your workout is to shake it up. If you find yourself in a routine rut (have you been there before, too?), sometimes it’s fun to kick routine out the door and do things differently. If the treadmill is a grind, try a change of scenery: a run in Freedom Park beckons. What about a change of gyms? We hear great things about the mother-daughter team at Hilliard Studio in Charlotte, NC, or perhaps you can hook up with a group of Southpark moms for boot camp.
  3. Shop: Yes, you read that right. Shopping is our next tip to reinvigorate the workout. And no, we don’t mean power shopping or lapping the mall. Ass much as we wish, carrying clothes to the fitting room isn’t a substitute for weight room activity. Think about treating yourself to a new pair of Asics, or a fresh new sports bra (that fits and feels good!). Sometimes, buying new exercise gear is just the push you need to kick-start your fitness goals. 
Nothing inspires your workouts more than seeing results. After all, the endgame is reaching your fitness and body contour goals. Baggy mom jeans be gone! So far, we’ve offered three new quivers to your arsenal: get a routine, try new things and outfit yourself to feel good. We’ve got one more. Think of it as the icing on the cake – fat free, of course. You can game fat-loss system with CoolSculpting, a non-surgical treatment that freezes away unwanted fat in simple hour-long treatments.

So what is this thing called CoolSculpting? During treatment, a cooling panel is placed directly on the skin, targeting the fat cells underneath. The skin itself unaffected. Fat cells are frozen an the body naturally disposes of the terminated fat cells. CoolSculpting was developed by a team of Harvard scientists and is FDA cleared. In the right hands, CoolSculpting is highly effective. With the Capizzi Method – Dr. Capizzi’s unique approach to CoolSculpting – you’ll see results immediate and then even more over time.

CoolSculpting is a great fat-loss treatment for those of us who lead a healthy overall lifestyle and are within range of our ideal body weight-but who still struggle with pesky, unwanted fat. Have you found that all the well-intentioned New Year resolutions are powerless against belly fat and saddle bags? You might want to consider CoolSculpting, as many of us here at Stillwater have.


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