Natural Plastic Surgery


The public attitude towards plastic surgery continues to reflect a trend towards society’s acceptance of cosmetic surgery as a positive personal experience. Fueled in part by the widespread media exposure of plastic surgery ‘reality shows,’ a recent report by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) of 1000 Americans 18 years of age and older, showed that 79 percent of men and 82 percent of women would not be embarrassed if anyone other than immediate family and close friends knew about any plastic surgery they’d had done. Despite widespread social acceptance of plastic surgery, many patients still wish to avoid the telltale signs of an obvious cosmetic procedure. I often find patients will tell me they are thrilled when family and friends, who are unaware that they have had a cosmetic procedure, make comments such as ‘you look great, what have you done differently?’ Changes to one’s appearance don’t have to be subtle to be natural. A patient of mine who recently underwent breast surgery and body contouring found that ‘Even when someone compliments me on my beautiful figure, I am not sure whether to gush or blush.’ While many patients seeking plastic surgery are not necessarily secretive in their pursuit, they do approach the idea with a certain level of discreetness. A common goal is to seek a significant change that appears natural rather than artificial. My patients seem most happy with their results when they can look in the mirror and clearly experience a much improved body image while others recognize a renewed self-confidence and distinct improvement in appearance without the obvious stigmata of a surgical procedure. Whatever procedure you choose, the goal is uniformly to look and feel better. This is reflected in both physical and emotional rejuvenation. Plastic surgery is not limited to cosmetic procedures. Reconstructive surgery is a much less publicized aspect of the plastic surgeon’s armamentarium. In contrast to aesthetic procedures, individuals seeking reconstruction are often looking for an obvious change that is quite dramatic to the patient and others. Nonetheless, the goal of any plastic surgery procedure, be it cosmetic or reconstructive, is the desire to look ones best without bearing the signs of surgery.

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