Mother Giving 8-Year-Old Botox Needs Shot of Sanity


One of my Facebook followers brought this story to my attention. Apparently it ran on Nightline  last night. It is at best disturbing on more levels that I can fathom and it deserves comment. The story involves a mother, who as a “part time aesthetician,” is giving her 8 year old daughter Botox injections so that she can be more competitive in beauty pageants.  And, yes, you heard me right.

Wrong At Many Levels
Let’s start with the easy stuff. It’s illegal. Botox is a drug that must be prescribed by a physician. It can be administered by the doctor’s designee in accordance with state laws.  In my office, my nurse does the injections after I have evaluated the patients and we have discuss the treatments, but this mother has illegally obtained the drug, and is administering it without physician oversight. When and if you watch the clip below, you will see that the mother will not divulge how she obtains the Botox, because she knows it’s illegal. (That’s probably why she didn’t allow her full name to be used, either.)

And guess what else, this child did not understand why she was having this done, and I suspect did not want it.  Certainly she is at a very impressionable age where her mother could easily convince her that she would want to have this done but I know of no 8 year old children who really want to have a series of shots. Do you?

But really, I can think of no reason why this is a good thing. She’s too young for this treatment. She is being driven to excel in beauty contests by her mother who, it would appear, will stop at no costs.

It brings to mind another (fictional) story: Little Miss Sunshine. One can argue whether it was appropriate to perform “Super Freak” at a beauty contest. Probably not a  great choice.  But Olive and her grandfather had a great time with this, it wasn’t illegal, and it involved no medical procedures. So the worst we can say that this was in poor taste.

However, there is no justification for what has happened in this story. The assertion that others are doing it just won’t fly. We are parents, after all, and must make good decisions for our children. Probably everyone who is reading this blog is feeling the same way as I do.  So, forgive me for preaching to the choir.

Hug, play with, and love your children. And if they ask for something ridiculous tell them no.

All the best,

David B.

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