Misconceptions About Breast Augmentation, Part 2


Perhaps it’s because breast augmentation is such a popular type of plastic surgery that there are so many misconceptions about it. Below are some more misconceptions and explanations to help you understand the facts.

Misconception #6 - Saline is better than silicone for breast implants

There is actually no one answer to whether saline or silicone is best. Both are good depending on your body and your goals. You should discuss these options with your plastic surgeon to help you determine which suits you best.

Misconception #7 – Breast implants will be obvious to everyone

Unnatural looking breast implants can be avoided by choosing a skilled plastic surgeon who can help you choose the right implants for your body and place them correctly during the breast augmentation procedure.

Misconception #8 – A certain number of cc’s in a breast implant produces a certain cup size breast

The size of the breast following an augmentation is determined by a combination of your original breast plus the implant that is added. A 300cc implant might make a C cup breast for a woman with very little breast tissue before augmentation, but the same implant might make a D cup breast for another woman who has more breast tissue. The surgeon must measure and estimate how much breast tissue you have before the augmentation and then you can choose the most appropriate implant.

Misconception #9 – Shaped implants are more natural than round implants

Actually, imaging studies have shown that both shaped and round implants appear to have a similar natural slope when properly placed under the chest muscle.

Misconception #10 – Women over 50 should not have breast augmentation
Patients of any age may undergo breast implant surgery as long as they are free of breast cancer and in good medical condition.

We hope this list helps answer some questions you may have been wondering about as you consider getting breast augmentation. 

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Phoenix Plastic Surgeon